Covid-19 Restrictions

This page is a summary of the policies and procedures that NYC FIRST will be following for the FIRST LEGO League Challenge competition season. It is subject to change based on updated information and local state and school guidelines.

Participants, parents, and guardians should review these policies and procedures prior to your event. Staff will review these polities and procedures with participants at the beginning of events.

Please click here for a more detailed look at the COVID-19 Policy for NYC FIRST Events.

Limited Attendance

Spectators will not be allowed at FIRST LEGO League events this year. Only event staff, team members, and coaches/mentors may attend. If your team needs accommodations, please reach out to Lisa at

COVID-19 Self-Screening

If your event is held at a public school, all attendees will be required to fill out a screening survey before entering the building. A link to the survey will be shared with coaches on the morning of the event. A QR code and paper forms will also be available at check-in. Checking for symptoms is critical and will serve as the primary screening mechanism for COVID-19 symptoms.

Self screening policies for non-public schools will be communicated to you before your event.

Face Masks/Coverings

All staff, volunteers, and attendees must wear masks at all times when indoors. Masks may be removed when outdoors.

All event staff and attendees are required to bring their own masks. Extra masks will be available for any attendee in the event their mask becomes soiled, damaged, or does not meet standards.

Masks must be covering nose and mouth. Vented masks, gaiters, a face shield used alone (without a face mask), ski masks, balaclavas, and bandanas are not allowed.

Staff may ask an attendee to change into a provided masks if they are unsure if that attendee’s mask meets minimal required standards for the event.

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Protocols

Event areas will be cleaned before and after use and shared equipment will be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Signage will be posted throughout the event space about the signs/symptoms of COVID-19 and the importance of social distancing, mask use, and proper hand hygiene.

Each attendee will utilize hand sanitizer upon entry and as needed throughout the event (such as after bathroom use, before and after meals, and after coughing/sneezing/contact with bodily fluids). All parents/guardians consent to the use of hand sanitizer by their attendees.

For mission models that start in Home, teams may choose to bring their own set of models if desired. The mission models that start in Home are: 1 turbine blade, 1 platooning truck, 6 container contents, 1 package, 3 gray containers. Teams must bring a full set of these models to the table if they choose to use their own. A team's mission models must be built correctly and be identical to those provided by NYC FIRST. If a team chooses to brings their own set of mission models that start in Home, those mission models do NOT count as equipment. R01 in the Robot Game Rulebook will not apply.


At this time, many public schools require students to eat outdoors. Guidelines for your individual qualifier location will be sent to you before your event.

Water may be consumed anytime inside of the building.


In accordance with local policies, all volunteers must demonstrate proof of vaccination to participate this season.