Robot Game Resources

The resources below are sites and communities that we recommend to new and returning teams. We strongly encourage teams to search for resources online and learn as much as they can through YouTube videos, tutorials, and more.

Use this official scorer calculator to calculate your Robot Game scores.

This is the de facto rulebook that Referees will use to score your matches. Please read the rulebook thoroughly so there are no surprises at your competition.

These are official updates from FIRST that clarify how certain missions are scored and clear up any ambiguities in this year's challenge. Check this document frequently as it gets updated throughout the season.

The official FIRST LEGO League Robot Game mission model video. Use this video to supplement your Robot Game Rulebook. However, if anything in the video contradicts what you see in the Rulebook, the Rulebook takes precedent.

Official FIRST LEGO League unboxing, field set up, and mission model videos.

Join an international community of FIRST LEGO League Challenge teams! FLL Share and Learn is a helpful and active Facebook group run by a former FLL team and their coaches. Coopertition and Gracious Professionalism are highly encouraged when asking questions.

Run by the same folks that started FLL Share and Learn, is a central hub for everything you need to get started with coding your robot, tackling your Innovation Project, and honing your Core Values. When you're ready to level up, FLLTutorials has Intermediate and Advanced programming lessons on both the EV3 and the Spike Prime.

Carnegie Mellon has been teaching LEGO robotics for over 13 years and recently released a complete curriculum with virtual activities that you can access in your web browser! Creating a Basic account is free and gets you access to a fully virtual EV3 and Spike Prime course.

Mr. Hino teaches LEGO Robotics and wants to help students by helping teachers and coaches. His channel has short videos that explore every aspect of FLL, LEGO robots, and coaching middle school teams.

Zachary Trautwein is a FIRST mentor and teacher who posts videos about everything related to the newest FIRST LEGO League Challenge game. Sometimes, he even shows you possible solutions to the missions!

Kyle Markland is a former FLL participant who teaches now engineering and programming through the EV3 and Spike Prime platforms. His tutorials delve deeper into the technical side of LEGO robotics and can help you level up your robot game.

Brics~2~Bots is a blog run by a long-time FLL educator, coach, and referee who runs a small LEGO lab in NYC. You'll find information on her blog that you'll never get anywhere else, including LEGO hardware comparisons, detailed breakdowns of new LEGO sets, and stories from past FIRST LEGO League competitions.