Official Documents

The documents listed on this page will be the same ones used at your competition. Use them to guide your progress and evaluate how you can improve upon your work.

Innovation Project, Robot Design, and Core Values rubrics. These are the same ones that your judges will use to evaluate your presentations and Core Values reflection.

Your 30 minute judging session will follow this flowchart. Use it to practice timing your presentations!

Your referees will be marking this scoresheet at the end of each Robot Game. Use it to practice scoring your own Robot Game.

Referees will be following the rules laid out in this Robot Game Rulebook. Be sure you know the rules before you arrive at your competition.

Check the Challenge Updates frequently. Challenge Updates provide clarity around ambiguous rules and can even change the way rules work. All teams are expected to have read the Challenge Updates before arriving at their competition.

All team members need to sign and submit the FIRST Consent and Release form for 2021-22. You can submit the form digitally by following the instructions here, or you can print this form out and hand it in to a NYC FIRST staff member when you arrive at your event.